• Question: Can you tell me a bit more about being a development coordinator please?!

    Asked by EamonnM to Mike, Annette on 11 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Mike Whitfield

      Mike Whitfield answered on 11 Nov 2016:

      As a development coordinator for a plant science journal, on a daily basis I try to think of ways to tell as many people about the plant science that we publish in the journal as possible.

      There are a few approaches I take to this. I can use data from our websites to work out which people are reading the journal, and identify different audiences to reach out to. I also write about the research we publish for a broader audience, and try to think of other ways to engage people.

    • Photo: Annette Neill

      Annette Neill answered on 15 Nov 2016:

      I don’t actually develop anything but I do coordinate the Point of care systems in our Hospital. I ensure all staff who use the hand held devices are trained and familiar with the Hospital guidelines . I organise training sessions for new staff and troubleshoot problems as they arise.