• Question: is aliens real if yes what do they look like and were do they live and can they speak english and how do spaceships fly what do they use as petrol what do they eat

    Asked by 855smag25 to Annette, Dave, Jaine, Mike on 3 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Jaine Blayney

      Jaine Blayney answered on 3 Nov 2016:

      Thanks for the questions. I don’t know. If you become a scientist, you will say “I don’t know” a lot. If aliens exist, I hope that they are a lot like Paul: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1092026/ have you seen the film? I love it, Jaine

    • Photo: Annette Neill

      Annette Neill answered on 7 Nov 2016:

      I think some aliens exist and they live in the woods. They listen to conversations of people passing by and teach themselves lots of languages. I think spaceships are powered by the sun’s energy but I thought I saw one at the petrol station on Friday????. Aliens mostly like mushrooms because they are odd looking foods