• Question: What did you get in your leaving cert

    Asked by Tom to Dave, Annette on 3 Nov 2016. This question was also asked by R GLYNNER 123.
    • Photo: Dave Concannon

      Dave Concannon answered on 3 Nov 2016:

      500 points and I did architecture at UCC, came back to study after a few years doing that

    • Photo: Annette Neill

      Annette Neill answered on 15 Nov 2016:

      When I did my leaving cert it was back in 1988 so there weren’t points then! I got 5 Bs, a C and a D -and the D was in Biology! I applied for Science in UCC, Medical Science in Cork and Dublin and decided to go to Dublin. I blame my bad Biology result on the fact that I missed half a class every day when I went up to the boys school for Honours Maths and Chemistry. Interestingly I ended up doing Science!