• Question: What do you think is the most influential invention for the human world ?

    Asked by DavidMul04 to Annette, Dave, Jaine, Julio, Mike on 9 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Annette Neill

      Annette Neill answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      Without a doubt, the World wide web. Since its invention in 1989, it has opened up the world of information to everyone. Before this, information had to be written down and passed from one place to another. Now everyone can access and share information, experiences, queries and problems so it has helped to educate people who would otherwise remained isolated.

    • Photo: Jaine Blayney

      Jaine Blayney answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      Thanks for the question. I would suggest that drug treatments that prevent or treat major illnesses would be the most influential discoveries. Vaccines eg against tetanus, whooping cough and antibiotics eg penicillin. A lot of the diseases that were around the time of our grand-parents and great-grand parents have been tackled. However we now have a new generation of superbugs that are becoming resistant to standard treatments. What do you think is the most influential invention? Jaine

    • Photo: Dave Concannon

      Dave Concannon answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      Good Question!

      It think it is the printing press as it led to an explosion in the amount of books created and the amount of knowledge that was available to people. One of the reasons behind the age of enlightenment and modern science was this new access to knowledge.

    • Photo: Julio Gutierrez

      Julio Gutierrez answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      I’d go back in time and suggest that the discovery of fire and together with the development of the agriculture, that allowed humans to settle down and stop the nomad life. These very influential inventions dictated the way humans have evolved. Otherwise, I think our history would be much different today!