• Question: What made you become a scientist? Were you interested in science at school?

    Asked by Chocolatemonkey123 to Annette, Dave, Jaine, Julio, Mike on 9 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Annette Neill

      Annette Neill answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      I was fascinated with all things connected to Science and once I saw inside a Laboratory, I knew what I wanted to do. Yes, I loved Science at school-I studied Biology and Chemistry, not Physics.

    • Photo: Jaine Blayney

      Jaine Blayney answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      Thanks for the question. Always interested in science, always asking why things worked, why did things happen in a particular way, what happens if…. I became a scientist to answer my own questions and to change the quality of life for cancer patients.

    • Photo: Julio Gutierrez

      Julio Gutierrez answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      I like science since I was at school. We used to have a teacher who owned his private lab somewhere in the school and who was always talking about this, but he never took us there because of our bad behaviour in the classroom. Then after some years, during my undergrad studies, I spent many hours in the lab and I realized that I like more theory and computer simulations that experiments, but that’s a different story…