• Question: What's your favourite thing about science?

    Asked by Lalamurph to Annette, Dave, Jaine, Julio, Mike on 7 Nov 2016. This question was also asked by 653smag38, Zoe_Korthout?, 232smag26, 366smag45, 853smag43.
    • Photo: Jaine Blayney

      Jaine Blayney answered on 7 Nov 2016:

      Thanks for your question. My favourite thing about science is that I’m always discovering something new. The discoveries are not always earth-shattering, as in they are not front-page news, but every little bit helps. I think that is the one thing about science that can be hard to get across, the lack of speed! Research projects may take a couple of years to complete, so you contribute each day, week, month etc, results may only be seen after a year. Patience is a virtue in this work. It’s worth it, though. What’s your favourite thing about science? Jaine

    • Photo: Annette Neill

      Annette Neill answered on 7 Nov 2016:

      I think my favourite thing is having to work out solutions to problems with unusual results or trying to fix a Laboratory instrument. When you get unexpected results, you often have to ring the Nurses and/or Doctors and ask them what medication the Patient is taking. I love this interaction because you get more insight into the Patient’s history and you also can think about ways to make the service more efficient.
      You may discover that certain drugs affect your results or that the blood sample wasn’t taken properly.
      When you fix the instrument, you feel you have achieved something and you also learn something.