• Question: Why did you decide to help people in South Africa

    Asked by Tom to Dave, Julio on 9 Nov 2016. This question was also asked by Crowsy is my name??, Gard3n3r123, ClassyH.
    • Photo: Dave Concannon

      Dave Concannon answered on 9 Nov 2016:

      Thanks for the question Tom
      If i’m honest it not where I always saw myself ending up. I was offered the Job and I took it because I felt it was a really good use of the skills I had to offer and a way it could make the most difference as one person. At the end of the day what we do there can save lives and I love the people there.

      The great thing about getting into science is that there are some many different things you can do within science and find something that you love and can also help others which isn’t the case with all careers.