• Question: What is the most interesting thing that you studid

    Asked by jack m to Julio, Dave, Jaine on 15 Nov 2016. This question was also asked by Rachel B.
    • Photo: Julio Gutierrez

      Julio Gutierrez answered on 15 Nov 2016:

      The simple fact of being a researcher and be doing things that nobody has ever done is very interesting by itself. Almost any scientific topic can be quite exciting if you are motivated.

    • Photo: Jaine Blayney

      Jaine Blayney answered on 16 Nov 2016:

      Studying the development of cancer is interesting. Realising that if you had 100 patients with what looked like the same type of tumour that underneath was different biologies is amazing, but scary. As a Maths person, studying biology and working with biologists has been great.